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Our team

The real assets of a company are its people. SUNSEC Digitals is no exception. Take a minute to meet some members of our team. These are the people responsible for ensuring you are taken care of and receive the best possible security system and I.T work for your needs.

President and General Manager

Paul Prince

After spending 10 years in the industry, Paul founded SUNSEC Digitals based on the principles of taking care of people, solving their problems, and being fanatical about service, because real security is important. Driven by a personal mission to secure as many people and properties as he can, Paul has built a company culture that encourages effective problem solving, rewards service, and demands results while providing a dynamic, encouraging, and enjoyable work environment. He has a Computer Science and professional certified in CCTV & IP Camera and enjoys research works, fresh learning and spending time with his loved ones and he loves to take things apart, figure out how they work, and sometimes he even puts them back together again.

Director of New Business Development

Moses Okoro

Moses has over 5 years’ experience in the industry and has been with SUNSEC since it was started. He has worked with small non-profit organizations to very large logistics companies with multiple warehouses as well as municipalities and has extensive experience in video surveillance, access control, and all manner of monitored security systems. Moses is also in charge of our national accounts program. When not designing security systems, he enjoys playing games, online sim racing, gardening, and camping with his wife and their two dogs and Daughter.

Outside Operations Manager

Emmanuel Ansah

Emma brings a generation of experience to SUNSEC Digitals. He is responsible for making sure all our projects have the utmost attention to detail and that they come in on time and on target. Emma carries a wealth of knowledge and certifications, and just plain old good experience with all manner of security, I.T and life safety technology. He is the final step in our exhaustive QA process. When Emmanuel is not driving our technicians to perform at their top levels, he is known to be out on his boat competing in professional fishing tournaments.