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About us

Our Mission

About us

At Sunsec Digitals, our mission is simple: Provide superior quality electronic security solutions that work.

We do this while maintaining ethical business practices and eliminating the hassles and games that most security providers love. We do not make our customers jump through unneeded hoops; we do not sell superfluous parts or require long term contracts with questionable conditions. We simply sell high quality electronic security products and services designed to help you solve your safety and loss prevention problems. Sunsec Digitals designs security system layouts, and assembles and programs all of our recorders at our facilities in Duabi, United Arab Emirates.

Our Specialties:

We specialize in commercial and industrial electronic security solutions, with a focus on custom systems designed to solve specific operations and security problems. We provide electronic alarm monitoring and equipment installed to exacting standards. Our core business is in the design, sale, installation, and servicing of custom-built HD security camera systems. Based in Indianapolis and Detroit, our National Accounts Program also solves several problems for our larger clients. Our systems are feature rich, including remote viewing and full HD digital recording. We also specialize in integrating multiple systems to function together (Point of Sale and Digital Camera Systems, Card Access and Camera Systems, Alarms and Card Access, etc.), and pride ourselves on our proven ability to solve tough security installation challenges with innovative custom solutions.

Over the years, Sunsec Digitals has developed a specialization in custom projects. We have developed security solutions for Fortune 500 companies, manufacturing and logistics providers, government entities, and small businesses of all types. We pride ourselves in providing the absolute best video quality available, exceeding HDTV quality and making surveillance systems easy to use.

Our Commitment To Systems That Work:

We believe the Security Industry does not lend itself well to the cookie cutter approach, which is why we thoroughly train all of our consultants in loss prevention techniques and applications that will help save you money and secure your property. This is also why we maintain all of our own alarm accounts. Don’t worry, Sunsec Digitals does not sell off monitoring contracts to the highest bidder. This is also why we do not require minimum terms on our monitoring agreements. We believe it is your right to fire us if we’re not doing a good job.

Whether you need a simple monitored alarm system, a biometric access system, fully integrated security systems, or hundreds of cameras recording in multiple locations with all the bells and whistles, remember that Sunsec Digitals is part of the solution.

We offer the only three-year parts and labor warranty in the UAE for our commercial customers. Our warranty applies for the first three years, unless there is abuse, neglect, Acts of God, or vandalism involved. There is no fine print, we simply stand behind what we sell and what we do. Our service agreement, “Just Fix It” is a guaranteed response agreement, with all fixes guaranteed within one business day. We do expect our invoices to be paid promptly upon receipt and we reserve the right to charge a 12% annual fee on any commercial accounts going beyond 30 days past due. This fee is not an offer to finance, but is notice that we do take on-time payment seriously and expect our clients to communicate with us.

Please contact us at Dubai - +971 (0)55 684 5153, Ghana - +233 54 185 8245 with questions or comments.

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"Sunsec Digitals takes care of all of my alarm and video needs. The customer service and attention to detail is impeccable. I will never go anywhere else. Call them, you will not be disappointed. "

Paul Prince


The cameras have been such a huge help for us, they have not only helped with animals being dumped and such but also have helped us identify employee issues and help with training. Thank you so much for all your help!

Jessya Inn